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Do you know of an individual that selflessly gives his/her ALL to help others? Maybe, someone who has managed to somehow, without forethought, positively touch the lives of many others? Or, maybe someone; in a crisis situation beyond their control, who just needs a little help to overcome a huge obstacle?

We look forward to recognizing those special people of Delmarva. Won’t you share your thoughts with us about your notable person? In return, we'd love to help share the story of your notable person, right here on!

Isaac "Bubba Man" Campbell

Isaac2Hi, I am Isaac, better known as Bubba. I love to laugh and play and chase cats and tease my sisters and yell... I REALLY like to yell!!. I've had a hard life, but I'm one of the happiest people you could ever meet. I know, most people have hard lives, but let me tell you a little about mine. I just couldn't wait to see this world, and I was born two months early with complications. Immediately after birth, the nurses took me away from mommy and daddy and hooked me up to all kinds of machines because my lungs just weren't ready yet. They tried this and they tried that and then they collapsed my lung. Once the small town hospital figured out that they couldn't do anything for me, I was flown to Children's National Medical Center in Washington DC where they took great care of me and probably saved my life. Yeah, I had to be hooked up to all kinds of machines and that was probably very uncomfortable, but I was sedated so I didn't feel much of anything. It took a few weeks, but gradually they were able to reduce my dependency of the ventilator and once that nasty tube was removed from my throat, they were able to reduce the morphine.

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